About us

Misty & Mellow

Misty & Mellow is an Amsterdam based professional jazz duo, dedicated to serve you with an enchanted blend of Classic Bossas and Mellow Jazz Originals.

This dynamic duo, represented by Jina Sumedi (piano, vocals) and Eduard de Vries (tenor sax, vocals), will bring the right energy to any party or event, wheather you are looking for a background music solution or entertainment that calls for dancing. In addition to weddings and private functions Misty & Mellow regularly performs at hotel bars, live music restaurants and corporate events.

Jina Sumedi

Jina Sumedi, born in Holland to a Danish mother and an Indonesian father, is active as arranger, composer and producer. Jina used to work for Dutch national television and wrote sound-tracks for three different films and is currently working on her fourth. She also composes for several theater and CD productions and worked with well known artists and celebrities such as Liesbeth List, Paul de Leeuw, Ivo Niehe, Karin Bloemen, Jurgen Rayman and Ellen ten Damme. During her travels Jina has been introduced to, and inspired by an amazing amount of very different musical traditions, but nevertheless has developed a style of her own – a modern sound with a natural flow.

Eduard de Vries

Eduard de Vries, raised in Holland by Dutch parents, found his love for playing saxophone at the age of 12. Working as a paper delivery boy he earned his first alto saxophone and started ‘jammin’ da Funk’ with friends in local storage units. Later, when he began his professional career, he appeared on international World Music Festivals with a variety of Moroccan bands¬† such as Kasba and Sheb Douzi. His mission is to tell beautiful stories in a bebop-way no one does!